President – Mike Clark

Hello NFBL!  I’m honored and excited to carry this diverse group of folks with the mutual love of brewing into 2023. I’ve been a homebrewer for around 3 years and assisted others for many years prior.  I enjoy hearing about your homebrewing adventures and ideas for our club’s future.

We are going to have a great year! 

Favorite styles: Sweet Stouts (16A) and American Porters (20A)

Vice President – Ashleigh Smith

Brewing since 2017
Been doing mostly brew in a bag since the beginning. Mostly all grain brewing but nothing wrong with extract brewing. Have a 5 gallon electric system and a 10 gallon electric system. Recently acquired a dedicated mash tun. Will be moving towards trying a traditional 3 vessel setup. Picked up no chill a few years back. Motto: Fun is number one!

Secretary – Lee Smith

Treasurer – Ian White

Publications Coordinator – Claire Smith

Long-time beer drinker, six year co-brewer. Measurer of the salts, cleaner of the equipment; taker of event photos. 1800 unique check-ins on untappd and going strong.

Brewfest Coordinator – Tim Rach

I’ve been brewing on and off since 1999.  I’ve done 5 gallon extract and BIAB at home and for a few years I used a Brew on Premise facility in Ft. Lauderdale brewing 13 gallon batches. I started brewing pale ales and wheat beers.  I now mostly brew West Coast style IPAs and Pilsners.  For the past several years I’ve gotten into fermenting ciders. Ciders allow me to experiment with different flavors without breaking the bank and you don’t have to wait 4-6 weeks to know whether your experiment was successful or not.  In the future I’m interested in getting an all-in-one electric set up.